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SEO vs Content marketing: how they fit together

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Optimizing sites is what every internet marketer needs to get to the biggest crowd ever. It doesn’t matter what product you are marketing, SEO is one of the basics if at all success is your thing. Over the years as vendors have been migrating to the online services, SEO has grown in popularity. You perhaps have heard of it by now. It’s the kind of makeup you make on your site to make it look attractive to the search engines and most importantly, your audience. It includes enhancing every single detail on your web pages.

Content marketing on the other hand is the art of developing quality on-page content that keep the audience reading. It’s where you provide your prospects with content around your line of work and in the process include some calls of action. You try show them what is happening in your industry including the advancements and challenges. You can then show them how you can help them deal with what is challenging out there. This is by providing effective products or services that work in the modern times.

These two don’t come together? That’s kind of a problem



Every article you read keep separating content marketing and SEO. The masses understand the two to be completely different. That’s where the problem come in. The two have so much in common. Just like two lovers. The only solution is to have them married forever. Take the example of SEO. Content marketing is one of the essential features of optimizing your site. It makes your site known according to your brand. For content marketing to be successful, you have to do the SEO bit of it to attract traffic. It is obvious that when you mention content marketing, SEO comes in without saying. The vice versa is also true. Atlanta SEO firms understand this for sure.

What keeps them apart?

Content marketing and SEO only overlap. That means there are differences between. One is not exactly as the other; they only rely on each other heavily.

First, SEO is technical in nature. That’s what the SEO firms in Atlanta do. Again, optimizing sites is a bit narrow compared to the broad content marketing. There are techniques used to optimize sites. Without these techniques, content marketing will be a failure. In a way, we are trying to differentiate the two; but we can’t completely achieve that.

How to bring them together

You are not the one to bring SEO close to content marketing. It’s automatic. Just like different magnet poles which will live to attract. It is common sense to understand that you don’t optimize a page without use of content. What will you be optimizing in the first place. Content marketing comes first with quality articles, blogs, keywords and catchy words. In general, SEO sets the pace and specifies what is right for a site content and then content marketing provides that.

In conclusion, take content marketing and SEO as two forces within one rather than two different components altogether.



Moving homes is a very costly undertaking. Very many people get into it without making any prior planning and are later on usually hit with hefty sums of fees charged by moving companies which are also known as removalists. The exact cost of a move will however be dependent on a number of things. It is varied basing on the amount of items that you are moving and also the distance that the items need to be moved. There are other service4s which are also offered by moving companies that cost more when one enlists. This may include hiring of boxes that can be used for packing, help in packing up the boxes and other services that most people prefer to carry out on their own. When you know the quotations and you want to save some money, here are some tips that you may follow.

The Removalists

Movers-Removalist-MelbourneWhen moving homes especially, most people require the help of movers or removalists are they are commonly referred to. When looking for the most suitable ones for you, you need to get recommendations from friends and or family and make sure that you have requested for moving quotes basing on the services that they offer and compare while looking for the one that falls within the budget that you are working with. Ensure that the removalists who you will finally settle on are experienced as amateur ones may cause damage to your property and or items which is a very expensive mistake.

Insurance Policies

When you are preparing to make a move, you need to recheck your insurance policy and ensure that it has been shifted to the new address. By doing so, you will also be informed on weather the policy will cover the transportation of the items to your new home. This means that any damages or any loss of items may or may not be covered by the insurance policy. This is important as you will be early informed on weather you need to talk to the moving company as others offer insurance cover for the goods that they are moving at a certain cost.

Make Prior Organization of Your Utilities

This includes utilities such as telephone lines and gas. You could get quotations from some companies and compare their packaging fees. You will need to get rid off all the clutter that is in your home. This can be easily done by making sure that you have cleared off all the junk. This can be easily done by donating them off to charity or by giving it away or even selling to the second hand stores that buy already used products. You need to pack all your items on your own as this will help you a lot in saving a considerable amount of money at the long run. When packing, ensure that you have labeled all your boxes so that you are sure of where everything has gone to. This helps in avoiding repurchasing items that may have been misplaced due to disorganized packing.